Fire & Brimstone

Something really disturbed me yesterday. There was a man that came to campus and began “preaching” to students about the “gospel.” Now, as an American, he has every right to say whatever he wants to who ever he wants and wherever he wants. However, morally, I feel that the most horrific thing a Christian can do is to tell people they are going to hell.Image He told these students things that Jesus would be ashamed of. He told gays and lesbians they were doomed to hell. Personally, I know that being straight doesn’t get me to heaven so why would being a homosexual get anyone into hell? He told a friend of mine, that because he was Muslim he would spend eternity in hell. My friend, in fact, is not Muslim but even if he was that would not dictate his eternal fate. He told me and many of my female friends that our only place was behind a vacuum and that women should only do what their husbands allow them to do. He then demonstrated on his wife, who was holding a picket sign, that he had all power over her and she did nothing but listen to him. He told these students that he used to be a sinner, but now he was perfect and therefore was going to Heaven. Listen, only angels are perfect, okay dude? He let thousands of students believe that they were not worthy of God’s love and they would spend their afterlife with Satan. As a Christian, nothing grinds my gears more than the “Westboro” style of evangelism.Image If you read the Bible, you know that Jesus hung out with the prostitutes, thieves, the unclean, etc… and I think I should too. Thousands of my peers were turned away from the idea of God and Christianity yesterday and I can only hope and pray that one day they meet someone who shows them what the true love of God looks like. My boyfriend Aaron brought up an excellent point, he said to the preacher

“the most used word in the bible is love…

…and that is not what you are preaching to these students. You are preaching hate and judgement.” To which the man responded that Aaron, too, would burn in hell. Like I said, the man had the right to publicly speak out on his beliefs and I believe that he wholeheartedly thought he was doing the right thing by trying to save people. But I lost sleep that night knowing that so many young adults were turned off by the gospel and are now even further from where they could be with their faith. What happened yesterday gave good Christians a bad reputation. I think, and maybe this is just me, people need to be loved for who they are. People crave love. And that is exactly what God wants to offer…Image


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